Introduction of a new claims management system at a well-known credit institution

Our client, one of the leading players among the domestic financial institutions, has decided to replace its claims management system and to introduce a unified system at a group level. The aim was to develop a solution that maximally satisfies the needs of the 21st century and supports future-oriented possibilities.

The client wanted to implement the process under strict conditions, within a closed deadline, so they approached us. We reviewed their practice so far, assessed their needs, and helped them find and pre-screen the best suppliers. Overall, the company implemented the optimal solution in a shorter time, at a lower cost, as if it had done all this based solely on its internal staff capabilities.

Needs Assessment

At the beginning of the project, following the corporate strategy, we organized workshops with the team leaders and defined the operating model that the organization wanted to follow. Together, we have identified the banking group’s vision and the company’s top management in terms of the customer, product, channel, processes, and, of course, the support systems.

Based on all this, we compiled a detailed requirements catalogue, in which we collected the functional and other requirements of business and support areas, broken down into more than 70 modules / function groups.

Supplier Selection Process

We supported our client to find the best domestic and international suppliers. We pre-qualified potential suppliers and helped to develop a system of criteria that allowed them to select the optimal offer. In addition, we actively facilitated the exchange of information, mainly through consultations during the consultation period and answering questions on requirements.

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