Management consulting

Our primary goal is to provide “classic” and “innovative” consulting services and products to our clients, financial institutions, insurance companies, trading and service companies, that could bring success not only for them but to us as well.

Our “Classic” consulting services

  • Organisational and operational development consulting, process development consulting (process assessment, optimisation, Lean, Six Sigma, BPR-Business Process Reorganization, organisational design, etc.);
  • Corporate and department level strategy development;
  • Project management consulting and IT consulting (systems organisation, business analysis, test management).

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we are constantly developing our professional knowledge and also developing innovative consulting services. In line with current trends in banking and insurance, we are aware of the latest „customer experience” and „digital banking” solutions, as well as software development to help assess and improve customer service operations.

Our services


Defining long-term strategic directions and achieving set goals and improving the operation of the company is a complex task with many prerequisites.
In addition to the harmony and common vision of the company’s leaders, a high level of professional knowledge is also required.
There also needs to be an agreement on what steps can be taken to achieve these visions the best.
As consultants, we are good at bringing these conditions together and creating real help to achieve your goals.
And this is value: for you and for us as well.

IT Advice

The implementation and proper operation of IT systems in financial institutions or any other profit-oriented enterprise are fundamentally determine the quality of the organisation’s operations and services.
However, IT knowledge alone does not enable anyone to manage the entire implementation process.
That’s why our IT consulting services cover almost the entire development process.
We prepare IT concepts and feasibility studies, we define the requirements specifications.- BRS, SRS. We perform functional analyses, provide quality assurance tasks, prepare test plans, perform testing and develop scenarios, manage the entire IT project and portfolio, and in addition, we also manage the development of the IT operational structures, their rationalisation and the optimisation of the working processes.

Project Management

Project management is Helix’s own “creative genre”. The core of our work and the key to our success is the well proven knowledge that we are able to manage our projects with confidence and success. We love to elevate and perform this activity to an artistic level: with dedication, expertise and the goal of creating value for you. During our project and portfolio management consulting and self-development training programmes, we not only provide you with the theoretical foundations but also share our own practical experience.
This way, in the process of strategic implementation, you can obtain a toolkit that is purposeful and reliably brings success.
Our experience is your success.

Process Management

Every organisation strives to optimise its operations, as cost-efficiency and productivity require well-defined processes. The definition and operation of both internal (operational) and external (e.g. sales) processes are fundamental in the life of companies, but it differs for each company. That is why every company needs to assess the processes differently, adapting to the needs of the clients. At the same time, our experience in the same area of operation, economic segment, helps a lot in identifying possible paths. As an external expert, we can quickly and transparently assess the individual decisions affecting the processes, as well as their relevance and expected impact. As a whole, we can develop a truly optimal operating model for our customers, partly by handing over and partly by creating the most fruitful “Best practice” for them.