Case studies

Let our work speak for itself. Get acquainted with our previous achievements because actions speak louder than words.
So, let us keep to the point and present our most successful projects in a concise, results-oriented approach.

Renewing of The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

The National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) decided to renew its operation in 2013. The change encompassed the entire activities of the organization with a long history, the NAK practically arrived in the 21st century with this step. In addition to reorganizing its processes and operations, it decided to introduce the SAP CRM module as a tool. The introduction of the system was challenging in several ways, not only for the Chamber, due to the followings:

Customer Service Professional Coaching for a Commercial Bank

Helix provided Coaching activities to one of the Hungarian commercial banks. Coaching is a personalized counselling method, the essence of which is not to give direct advice, but to support the client’s development and in achieving specific goals, by relying on the client's resources.

Integration System Implementation

Based on legal authorizations, the introduction of a Central Integration System was necessary to help national Savings and Credit Cooperatives achieve an increase in market share and higher credit activity.

Market and location analysis of the sales network

Our client wanted to know which of its stores that outperform or underperform considering their capabilities. Beyond answering this question our client wanted to know the market size and its respective market share in particular locations.

Location and micro market analysis

Our client recognised that beyond fuel, other products and services can be sold at certain gas stations, but it would need redoing the shop area at each gas station with significant costs involved. Our task was to identify the gas stations where this remodeling could pay off within reasonable time. We performed a preliminary analysis of the transformation of the well network and assessed the sales potential of each product and service at the designated locations.

Optimisation of sales campaign

Our client looked for the households – among their hundreds of thousands of existing customers – that might be open to their new product, in order to run a focused campaign.