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Market Insight

“Hyperlocal marketing” - the smartest path to the customer

Quantified, location based potential to spot the most promising city parts and districts, the busiest premises or even the best in store product placement possibilities.

Customer Service Index

Customer Service 2.0

Are you into shaping you customers’ opinion in a positive way regarding your provided services? Because, we are. Let us introduce you our innovative service that is driven by achieving that result.

Management consulting

NAK Project Management

In 2013 NAK (Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture) decided to develop its operations by implementing an SAP CRM system. This plan was a major challenge as

Integration System Implementation

Based on legal authorizations, the introduction of a Central Integration System was necessary to help national Savings and Credit Cooperatives achieve an increase in market share and higher credit activity.

Who already know us

Quality Management System integration for NAK Call Center

We undertook a development project for the National Chamber of Agriculture. Our goal was to enhance the performance and effectiveness of its Call Center. We have achieved this result by having supported the installment of a new Call Center technology, set up the parameters of SAP CRM and created a methodology for measuring the individual and team-based performance rate.

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