Customer service index

We bet you would like to hear your customers talking positively about your company’s Customer Service. So do we. Let us introduce you our self-developed innovative service, specifically designed to serve that very purpose.

What is this?

A diagnostic tool and a compass in one.

— A set of tools and indicators that maps up and evaluates the the operation of your customer service processes.

— It measures, analyses and compares the different aspects of your operations. Furthermore, it clarifies the very areas that can or should be developed and also provides actual and effective best practices.

What you get?

We give a decision-making tool to the leaders

It is the first external survey to reveal the specific reasons of possible weaknesses of your CS operations and literally provide you with a coincise and up-to-the point document.

It has not existed before. So, we did it.

We set up a CS-scoring system

This innovative model embraces and evaluates all the information released and registered by us during the multi-level interviews with the leaders, executives. The sensitive system developed to process the data assigns the most important CS fields and scores their effectiveness to specific values.

We point out the correlations

The results of our research is not presented as stand alone facts. The shown correlations provide you with a holistic overview of your customer service’s current operational processes and the possible paths to follow for efficiency growth.

Get get quantified (benchmark) results

The research ranks the maturity level of every customer service process on a five-point scale. So, you will be able to see which of them operates with the highest and the lowest performance rate.

Following these paths, a truly effective and forward-looking action plan can be established.

What can I use it for?

During the research the whole spectre of your company’s customer service department will be analysed:

We provide a detailed action plan applicable for both short and long term:

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