Renewing of The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

The National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) decided to renew its operation in 2013. The change encompassed the entire activities of the organization with a long history, the NAK practically arrived in the 21st century with this step. In addition to reorganizing its processes and operations, it decided to introduce the SAP CRM module as a tool. The introduction of the system was challenging in several ways, not only for the Chamber, due to the followings:

  • This was the first SAP CRM implementation in Hungary.
  • The full implementation had to be completed in just 14 months, a very tight deadline for an organization of this size.
  • As part of the transformation, the former, often ad-hoc decision-making and implementation mechanisms have been replaced by a design and project approach. Thus, this was the client’s first real project with a rigorous methodology that all colleagues had to get used to and learn.
  • It was a complex program in which several suppliers and consultants had to be brought together within a close framework.

The defining element and reason of the transformation were that the Chamber had previously operated in a completely different environment and methods. The comprehensive change was defined by Act CXXVI of 2012 on the “Chamber of Agriculture”, which imposed several new tasks and powers on the organization, and these could no longer be performed in the previous structure. Keeping the profound, fundamental changes on track, achieving the goals fully, and meeting the deadlines would have been almost unmanageable without external, expert help. Helix Consulting, together with Eqvalteq Hungary Kft., provided the complete Program and project management of the implementation.

Our consulting responsibilities were:

  • full compliance with and accountability for the scope, contracts, tasks, and responsibilities set out in the projects of the Program;
  • managing risks and key players in the implementation of the Program;
  • strict enforcement of the schedule of the Program, accountability of tasks;
  • managing the budget of the Program.

Six senior consultants from Helix participated in the implementation.

During the assignment, we achieved the following goals:

  • high-quality servicing of chamber membership – by supporting the efficient work of chamber advisors and providing new value-creating services;
  • introduction of a new organizational and operational model of the Chamber;
  • efficient management of members’ data;
  • support for the NAK’s internal communication and information campaigns;
  • laying the long-term IT operational foundations of the Chamber.

The following projects were launched and successfully completed in the Program:

  • Portal /CRM Project
  • Data cleansing and migration project
  • Communication and change management project
  • Operational Development (BPR) project

Long after the Program closed, in 2016, we applied for the “Constantinus International Award,” also called the “Consultant Oscar,” announced by The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). Our application was finally awarded first place by the jury, ahead of other entrants from 27 countries. The award ceremony took place in October 2016 in Toronto at an international management consulting conference.

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