Introduction of a quality management system at The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture Call Center

We undertook a development project for the National Chamber of Agriculture. Our goal was to enhance the performance and effectiveness of its Call Center. We have achieved this result by having supported the installment of a new Call Center technology, set up the parameters of SAP CRM and created a methodology for measuring the individual and team-based performance rate.

During the Call Center development project of The National Chamber of Agriculture, the aim was to increase the unit’s performance and efficiency.

We achieved this by supporting the introduction of a new Call Center technology, parameterising the SAP CRM system, and developing a methodology for individual and group performance measurement.

We reached the set goals by introducing a performance appraisal and motivation system. Below are the main metrics:


The basis of the comparison was the December months of the last 2 years, as in line with the Chamber’s activity, roughly twice the usual number of calls are received by the Call Center in this month, so the performance of the old and new system could be well measured. A comparison of the results shows that with the same headcount, the service level increased by 33%, due to a 21% increase in efficiency. Let’s look at what’s behind the increase in efficiency.


It is worth comparing the pre- and post-implementation status of the Call Center with the new performance evaluation system. The graph shows the distribution of working time of operators. Summarizing the results, it can be said that the total volume of times (sum of talk and availability time) when incoming calls arrived or could have arrived at an operator increased by 13%. As a result, fewer operators can answer the same number of calls with a higher level of service.


The costs are based on the data of the quarter preceding the takeover of the Call Center and the data of the 2 quarters since then. We can state that simultaneously with the continuous fulfilment of the 80% service level expected by the ISP, we reduced the average transaction cost by more than 32%.

Summarizing the results, it can be said that with our consulting activity, we have developed a system in the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture’s Call Center by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, that supports the Chamber in achieving its goals and supports its successful operation.

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