Integration System Implementation

Based on legal authorizations, the introduction of a Central Integration System was necessary to help national Savings and Credit Cooperatives achieve an increase in market share and higher credit activity.

The Integration Project aimed to create branch network operation for approximately 1500 joining banks and cooperatives, to unify product and service standards – meeting the challenges of the 21st century.
Helix Consulting had an important role in the implementation of this development programme, unprecedented in the Hungarian Banking System regarding its dimensions.

In this extremely complex operating environment we supported:

  • Creation of active individual and business products arising from the Integration
  • Reconsideration of unified credit processes
  • Business Needs Assessment and System Specification
  • Migration-preparation, Determination of Bank Operation Rotation rules
  • Definition of Risk Management aspects and rules
  • Creation of the whole Value Assessment Process
  • User level testing of Credit Account Management System

In our work, we placed great emphasis on constant coordination – both at management and at consultancy level – with different business and support fields, IT Suppliers and representatives of other consultancy companies involved in the Project.

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