Constantinus International Award 2016

The National Chamber of Agriculture chose the introduction of SAP CRM system, as a means of renewal of their full operation. Our colleagues provided programme- and project management and management consulting support to the project.
We submitted an application about the implementation of this programme to the international association for management consultants (ICMI, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) nominating for “Constantinus International Award” (which is considered to be the ‘Oscar’ of Consultancy awards) in 2016. Helix was honoured with the gold medal, preceding 27 other countries.

The implementation of the program was also a challenge – not only for the Chamber – because:

  • This was the first SAP CRM implementation in Hungary.
  • The introduction had to be completed in an extremely short timeframe (within 14 months), which was very strict for such a complex project.
  • This was the client’s first real project with a rigorous methodology.
  • This complex project required the managing of the work of several suppliers and consultants.

Our responsibilities in management consultancy included:

  • The control and accountability for the scope, contracts, tasks and responsibilities defined in the projects of the Program;
  • managing risks and affected users during the implementation of the Program
  • Keeping the schedule of the Program, controlling the completion of tasks and accountability
  • managing the budget of the Program

Six senior consultants from Helix participated in the implementation. The program accomplished the following goals:

  • High-quality servicing of chamber members – by promoting efficient work for chamber advisors and providing new value-creating services;
  • Introduction and adoption of a new organizational and operational model of the Chamber;
  • Efficient handling of members’ data
  • Supporting the NAK’s internal communication and information campaigns;
  • Defining the long-term IT operational foundations of the Chamber.

The following projects were set up within the Program:

  • Portal / CRM project;
  • Data cleansing and migration project;
  • Communication and change management project;
  • Operational development project.