Quality Management System integration for NAK Call Center

We undertook a development project for the National Chamber of Agriculture. Our goal was to enhance the performance and effectiveness of its Call Center. We have achieved this result by having supported the installment of a new Call Center technology, set up the parameters of SAP CRM and created a methodology for measuring the individual and team-based performance rate.

Our goal was – via the integrated methodological change – to support the effectiveness of the department, to reduce the costs of operation and secure the balanced and consistent working processes. We have reached these milestones via the istallation of a benchmark and motivational sytem. Here, we underline the results with specific statistics:

I. The improvement in Service Level and Effectiveness

The basis of the comparison is December in 2014 and 2015, as the usual number of calls directed to the Call Center increases usually by 200% during this month. Therefore, the performance of the previous and the current system can be easily measured. Based on this comparison it is clearly visible that the Service Level has increased by 33% thanks to the 21% growth of its effectiveness.

II. Performance Change regarding the Operators

It is efficient to compare the average rate of performance prior to and after the Call Center installment. The graphics show the share of the operator working hours. The statistic shows that there is a 13% increase regarding the total time (the sum of time dedicated to talking and to being available), when calls did or could have reached an operator. Therefore, less operators are required to answer the same amount of calls while maintaining a higher Service Level index.

III. The average cost of transaction

Our survey is based upon the data gathered during the last quarter prior to the Call Center operational launch and compared to the recently quantified information measured during Q1 and Q2 following the start. The summary states that not only did we manage to constantly uphold the expected 80% Service Level specified by the internet provider, but also we succeeded in reducing the average cost of transactions by 32%.

All in all, it is statistically proven that this project driven by our consulting expertise and strategies, managed to set up a system in the Call Center of the National Chamber of Agriculture, that contributes to the successful daily operations of the organisation by decreasing the costs and enhancing its operational effectiveness.

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